Monday, November 30, 2009

Is It Only A Paper Moon?

I snapped this today from the back porch - not so impressive in the photo as it was in person, but I wanted to share the feeling with you. After all, we're all under the same moon...

A Very Blustery Day

Well, howdy! How's the weather up your way?

It's mighty windy here in the canyon!

Perfect weather for drying the wash, but I had to triple peg everything so it won't end up in the "wash" and it's wise to make sure the outdoor furniture is anchored down with stones!

The power went out for bit during the night - no doubt due to those winds, but we also got a little sprinkle of rain! Hooray!

Well, Dear Ones, I am off to finish up my chores...and keep the kerosene lamps ready!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The View From Porchville - Ain't it Grand?

Well hi again! How about instead of sending postcards, I show you around the place a little this morning?

Come on in, grab a cuppa joe and take a little walk around the homestead with me - and remember, you can click on the pictures to see a larger version and click on the links (words in grey) to learn more about those particular things.

Here's a nice view of the Bradshaw Mountains from the front corner of the house. These mountains were first settled by Yavapai Native Americans.

The Saguaro cactus would wave, but he hasn't grown his arms yet...

And here are a few more desert flora we can say howdy to this morning - some fish-hook barrel cacti:

more fish-hook cacti:

and a cute little family of hedgehog cacti - just don't pet them!

From the back porch we can look at Thumb Butte in the Tonto National Forest to our heart's content:

and gaze happily at the mesas changing colors throughout the day...

Well, that's a quick look at the view - be sure to come back soon for more because you never know what you'll find around here!