Sunday, January 24, 2010

When it rains, it pours....and hails and snows!

Well, howdy again from the desert! We had quite a week of weather here recently and I thought I'd share some views with y'all. First a little background on the storm - we had about 8 inches of rain in just about 3 days, which means that I woke up to the sound of rushing water one morning! It's such a contrast when you're used to it being dry and quiet.

It was difficult to get pictures of just how much water came in, but here are a couple more shots from near the bridge in town. Incidentally, the bridge was struck by trees and some culvert that washed down the river and was closed for about a week until it was determined to be structurally sound.

Everything's fine here at the old homestead, but the road to the place was flooded for several days, and my boss was kind enough to let me bring my sleeping bag and camp out at her place so I wouldn't miss work - thanks, Melina!!

After the rain finally quit, it turned quite cold, sent down some hail then proceeded to dust the Bradshaw Mountains with a sugar coating of snow!

Finally around day 6, the sun came peeking through - and again, what a contrast! The pictures just are not enough to convey the glorious play of light and shadow and color after the storm...

So how's the weather in *your* neck of the woods?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silent Saturday Soliloquy

A week ago today I attended a Silent Saturdays film at the amazing Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix - thanks for the invitation Lolita!

Align Center

When I parked the car and started walking over, I saw a very sharp group of Vintage Folks in their finery and just knew I was in the right place! Thanks Jenny and Maria and everyone for making me so welcome!

The Orpheum was built between 1927 and 1929, and has been restored to it's full glory, inluding a Wurlitzer pipe organ. And let me tell you - the organist Ron Rhodes can sure play! We were treated to an introduction to the film by a local film history professor, and about 20 or so minutes of fabulous organ music before the intermission, which included beautiful light projections to add to the atmosphere.

The film was "Safety Last" with Harold Loyd, and I truly enjoyed this gem of a film accompanied by the live organ music - I found myself laughing, oohing and gasping all the way through!

After the film, the emcee requested photos with the "Arizona Vintage Life" folks and here a few:

Glamorous Gals!

Handsome Fellas!

After the show we walked over to another historic building, Hanny's for drinks and a friendly chat. Hanny's was originally a department store built in 1947, which has no been converted to a very hip lounge. I think it's a great blend of old and new and a fun atmosphere for chatting with friends. If you go, be sure to take a picture inside the old elevator shaft!

Hanny's Circa 1947

Hanny's today

I'm looking forward to the next Silent Saturday and many other events with my new friends - watch for more updates soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coyote Calling - Anyone Home?

Well, it's about 1:30 AM here in the desert, and I've been awakened by the calling of a nearby pack of coyotes, so thought I would share with you all. Above is a picture of a Sonoran Desert Coyote and here is what they sound like:

I know there's no picture to go with the sound, but it's dark here!

(thanks whoever uploaded this to youtube)

Well, they've passed on now, so I'll try to get back to sleep - sweet dreams, everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pony Espresso and Leaving On a Jet Plane

(Fair warning: go make yourself a snack - this is a long post with lots of pictures!)

Well, It's about time I posted some pictures from my daughter's visit - she came to see me on her holiday from college just after Christmas and we had such a grand time!

The day after she arrived we drove out to Wickenburg and had lunch and coffee at the Pony Espresso cafe. Can you tell we enjoyed our food?

And here is the beautiful bronze in front of the Desert Caballero Museum - which I highly recommend seeing whenever you are out this way!

The whole town is filled with western art, and I especially like this frieze on the front of the Municipal center:

The next day we had our Christmas with some nice little gifts and decorated our gingerbread house "surfer style" Dude. Gingerbread men can surf, too!

We also enjoyed a nice little hike on the High Desert Trail here in town, and all the colors and textures in the rocks, plants and views.

One more day exploring Prescott together - town of coffee shops, antiques and some frosty snow on the ground! We took the chill off with some hazelnut lattes at the Raven Cafe and enjoyed the artsy atmosphere on the outdoor patio upstairs.

Last day together we walked around the property at home and took a few more snaps before a fond farewell...

The best gift of all...